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The Pentagon throws in the towel on JEDI

The Pentagon has cancelled JEDI. 

“With the shifting technology environment, it has become clear that the JEDI cloud contract, which has long been delayed, no longer meets the requirements to fill the DoD’s capability gaps,” a Pentagon spokesperson stated.

Next up… a new cloud infrastructure contract, with plans to solicit bids from Microsoft and Amazon.  This new Joint Warfare Cloud Capability contract has many of the same services, and CNBC is reporting that the Defense Department believes only those two can deliver the necessary infrastructure, although they will do market research to see if they’re right.  

Why do we care?

This long running drama on the show comes to an end, with the inevitable restart of the process.   

The detail we care about – the Pentagon thinks there are only two companies that can deliver on their needs.    Think about that.     The US Defense Department.    They can’t build this themselves.    

For every provider who thinks they can do it better… this is my argument back.    The Pentagon knows even they can’t do it.