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Why hashtag infosecbikini matters, particularly this weekend

I didn’t want to miss this in the context of a day of cybersecurity.    Quoting Vice:

On Sunday, a woman who works in cybersecurity was headed to the beach and posted a selfie wearing a bikini on her Twitter feed. When she woke up hours later, after not checking Twitter for a while, she saw that someone was complaining about her posting a picture in “underwear” even though her bio says she works in infosec, suggesting that what she did is unprofessional. 

Her response quickly went viral, prompting several women who also work in cybersecurity—and a handful of men—to come out in her support.  

Why do we care?

There was a lot of great collaboration this weekend in regards to the Kaseya incident.     That’s to be applauded.     I didn’t want to miss, however, that within the cybersecurity realm, right at the same time, was harassment of cyber security professionals … right when we need them most.

At a time when we’re losing the cyber war, it should be top priority to ensure there are as many warriors as possible.. and they’re made to feel welcome and included.    Let’s ponder that at the same time.