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A lesson from Instagram

I’ve had this one all week I wanted to get to.   Instagram is rolling out a desktop version.   I want to quote from their release.

“… We haven’t found any evidence that the Instagram desktop web experience cannibalizes engagement from the native apps,” a data scientist with Instagram observed with the launch of web messaging.

“In fact, it’s quite the opposite — users who use both interfaces spend more time on each interface, compared to users who use each interface exclusively.”

Why do we care?

This may seem very consumer, but I want to make a broader point here.   When digital events first started, organizers believed it might cannibalize physical attendance.  It didn’t.      Product designers are also finding, like Instagram, that being on multiple platforms is good – not bad.  

And thus, the argument for anything ecommerce enabled.    Offering your service any way the customer wants to consume it is the trick – and the big thought going into the weekend…  are you able to have your services acquired any way the customer might want?