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Market data for IoT, endpoints, and cloud: what’s short term and what’s long term?

Let’s look at some market data.

Consumers are going better than pre-pandemic… even as the stimulus wears off in the US.   The savings rate, for example, is higher than at any point pre-pandemic.    That’s from new data released on Friday.  

IDC says Global Chromebook sales are expected to grow 33.5 per cent to 43.4 million units in 2021.    The analyst added that the global tablet market is also expected to grow 1.8 per cent… and then noted that these market increases will not outlive the pandemic.   

IoT spending is on the rise – the latest IoT analytics update on the enterprise market shows spending grew 12.1% in 2020, with an expected increase up to 24% in 2021.  

In the cloud market, Gartner says AWS is still the largest public cloud providers, with 40.8% of the market.    Microsoft is at 19.7%, and Alibaba at 9.5%.     overall, the market grew 40.7%.  End-user spending in the public cloud is expected to grow 23.1% this year, with SaaS driving the bulk… and IaaS nipping at its heels.  

That cloud migration, however… not necessarily getting to goal.   PwC released a report on the “Cloud value gap”, which is indicating only about half are reaching their cloud goals.    It’s across multiple reasons too – like delivering value or improving decision making.  A small group trying to be disruptive were much happier with their progress.

Why do we care?

It’s a sugar high to think the PC, tablet, and Chromebook markets are long term hot… but sugar does taste good.       Markets like cloud and IoT are much better.. but make sure customers hit their goals when they spend.    Simple enough, right?    If it was that simple, everyone would be doing it. 

Walk and chew gum at the same time – pick up the gains from infrastructure investments while ensuring focus on business outcomes with technology investments.    Not actually improving decision making when selling based on that – the promise of digital transformation, after all – is far more perilous than missing out on a short term bump.