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Is Diversity like digital transformation? The Q2 Diversity Report

The Q2 Diversity Report, including an interview with Jeffrey Bowman about how to address building diversity using digital transformation skills.

00:00 Intro & Who is Jeffrey?
04:28 How does a conversation about diversity start?
08:14 What about the “danger” of this conversation?
11:28 How does this apply to a small business?
16:16 Tell us about your framework for progress?
19:33 Is this like operational maturity levels?
21:27 Is this digital transformation?
21:49 Is this the same skill set?
23:30 Thoughts on how to take next steps

About Jeffrey:

Jeffrey L. Bowman, a 2x award-winning Wiley published author, and former Madison Avenue advertising executive turned tech entrepreneur, is co-founder and CEO of Reframe: an enterprise software as a service (SaaS) company that helps People Leaders personalize the workplace no matter where they work and live by automating people operations.

Reframe the Marketplace:

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