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The FCC’s new broadband maps, and why IT services companies care

And let’s cover the new data on Broadband.

Last week the White House released their new mapping tool that shows the gaps in broadband availability across the US.    This new map uses a lot more data sources, and moves beyond just industry-provided data.   

Your quick summary – the data isn’t great.  There’s a big gap in most of the US.   This new map will help the FCC guide it’s decision making process.

I want to highlight the analysis done by the Washington Post on that data.      Comparing the density of households without any type of computer (including smartphones) or broadband access to how a county voted in 2020, there’s a correlation.   Red meets Red here.  

Why do we care?

I brought up the political angle to show the link, not get political.    There’s an inclination to assume that analyzing market data is not linked to politics.   It is.   

I advise taking some time with those maps and look at the communities you serve.  If you’re seeing a lot of red on the FCC maps, know that your IT services are being held back.   How you act on that is your call.