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Data about … data, plus the MSP marketplace

Let’s call this Data Monday.  Barracuda’s new survey says 85% of MSPs say there is opportunity out there, and 59% have expanded their services in the past 12 months.    The most lucrative – remote work, then security.  

A surveyby Yellowbrick Data finds only 18 percent of respondents still have all the data warehouses running in an on-premises IT environment.Nearly half (47 percent) said that all their data warehouses were deployed on a public cloud, while just over a third (35 percent) are running a mixed environment.

But here’s where it gets interesting.   Quoting SmarterMSP:  

Among the respondents that are running data warehouses in the cloud or in a mixed environment, however, the survey suggests much more is occurring outside of simply lifting and shifting warehouses into the cloud. While more than half (54 percent) identified conventional cloud data warehouses as a key trend for 2021, an almost equal number (53 percent) said hybrid or multicloud warehouses are also an important trend even though only 18 percent have a warehouse in an on-premises IT environment. [ …..] just under a third (28 percent) said they are considering the data warehousing implications of edge computing for use cases involving either an Internet of Things (IoT), mobile, or factory-floor application. Nearly half (48 percent) also noted they are investing real-time analytics to drive various business processes.

Why do we care?

Data warehousing is a piece of the data offerings I always mention.   You have to have places for data to live.     SmarterMSP things that the opportunity is in managing the data in highly distributed environments.     Sure… I’d just layer on how to make the data useful on top of that, because that’s even more valuable.    If the lead is anything to do with infrastructure, even of data, it’s less valuable.