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IoT devices, smartphones and data management

How about some market stats?    I love some good ones.

IoT is way up – shipments of cellular IoT modules increased by 14% in 2020 to a new record of 303 million.     That includes a slower revenue growth at… only… 8%.     This all despite chip shortages.

Or global smartphones?   Canalys says that will grow 12% this year… again, despite shortages.    Another tidbit – 32% of all 5G devices shipped… will cost less than $300. 

How about data management?    96% of IT organizations are operating at or over capacity, and 93% of respondents to the survey say the number of data pipelines will increase.  

Why do we care?

In an industry we always assume is constant change, it’s important to have that backed up by data.    Despite chip shortages, technology is selling.    More devices also means more data…. And that inherent security risk that goes with that.

Data Management services will increasingly be demanded.  Is it a recurring service or a consulting opportunity?  The answer… is YES.