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Device dynamics in the current market

With increased demand from the pandemic, Canalys reports that U.S. PC shipments were up 73% over the same period last year. That added up to a total of 34 million units sold. While Apple had a good quarter with sales up 36%, it was surpassed by HP, which sold 11 million units in total with annual growth up an astonishing 122.6%.

IDC has indicated that IoT spending slowed during the COVID-10 pandemic, and they believe it will experience double digit growth in Europe through 2025.     Biggest is sensors and hardware, then services.    The uptick is linked to the move to post-pandemic economy.  

I’m going to tuck this announcement in – Zoom has launched Phone appliances.  Partnering with Poly and Yealink, these devices combine video, audio, and collaboration into a single device.  

Why do we care?

And the other half of today’s stories is the market itself.  There’s opportunity there.   Certainly short term as it relates to PC style devices, and long term as it relates to sensors and smart enabled devices.  That’s why I included the Zoom announcement.

If you’re working in the business layer – that Workplace, Microsoft 365, Zoom collaboration space, the technology to deliver that does not have to be tied to the PC.    There’s more to it.  And the real value is making sure it’s in the right places at the right time… with workers who can leverage it effectively.  That’s training, that’s policy, and that’s culture, all of which come with much higher services revenue and margin.