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Microsoft Build highlights, with a big focus on Teams

Microsoft’s Build conference was this week, so let’s catch up on the announcements there.

The company was focused on Teams – an expansion of APIs to allow for more types of apps, as well as the ability to create your own customer meeting scenes.   Part of their pitch – your apps built for Teams can work across Windows, Mac, the web, iOS, Android.. and Linux.      The company is going to open up in-app purchases in the store, and tap into real-time audio and video data.    Teams also got options for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code to help make development easier.        Microsoft also teased a new major revision to Windows, coming soon.

The company also announced that the promised support for Linux GUI apps will be in the next Windows 10 release.   Finally, enhancements to Outlook – notably, improving shared calendars.  

While we’re on Microsoft, after shutting down their Azure Blockchain as a Service offering, the company is showing off it’s Azure Confidential Ledger service.     Quoting ZDNet, Azure Confidential Ledger, like the Azure Blockchain Service, builds on the idea that blockchain is a distributed ledger. Microsoft’s Azure Confidential Ledger (ACL) adds an extra layer of security and scalability on top of blockchain. ACL uses the Azure Confidential Computing Platform, meaning an instance of ACL runs in a dedicated and fully attested hardware-backed enclave

Why do we care?

Teams as the business platform is the Microsoft strategy and easily where I think the most opportunity is for a services company.   Business transformation?   Yes please – it happens here.    How many small IT services companies will be adding development capability too to take advantage of that.

There’s a coming change to Windows too.  Here’s my question.   With macOS having a UNIX base, and Linux support coming, will app development get easier?     I don’t have the answer there – if there’s a listener with insight, I’d love to learn more.