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It’s not all dreary on the security front

Let’s not make this a totally dreary episode.  

Justin Sean Johnson pleaded guilty to stealing the personally identifiable information of 65,000 employees of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.    Johnson (also known on the dark web as ‘TheDearthStar’ and ‘Dearthy Star’) was charged with conspiracy, wire fraud, and aggravated identity theft in a forty-three count indictment filed last year, in May 2020.   He remains detained pending sentencing.    

Why do we care?

Chalk one up for law enforcement!     The US Attorney’s and the Secret Service’s comments were specifically calling that accountability out.  

Domestically, the system really does work.    The reason we care is to be prepared for the event of a breach with a procedure and system to work with law enforcement.     In the event of emergency, break glass!

As we know much of the criminal activity is outside of the US, call your elected officials.  Let them know international standards and norms via diplomacy, as well as enforcement, matters to you.