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This Week in the Business of Tech May 21 2021

A video version of this week’s podcasts. This week’s stories:

00:00 A weekend full of ransomware activity
04:03 The reactions to the ransomware by legislators advances
05:44 How many want to go back to the office, how, and with what skills?
08:12 Crime pays in other ways than ransomware
10:28 Tech implications coming out of the pandemic
14:08 Merch Store! Check out our cool stuff!
14:35 The interesting announcement from Google I/O isn’t the flashy one
16:03 It’s a great headline – is your job killing you?
19:13 Emerging security standards based on the increased issues
21:14 Changing perspectives on privacy
22:21 The data on around diversity that shows the opportunity
24:38 Incentives drive security behavior

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