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This Week in the Business of Tech May 14 2021

A video version of this week’s podcasts. This week’s stories:

00:00 Ransomware shuts down pipeline; the hidden insight into their operation
02:46 Microsoft: No Windows 10X, EU data moves
03:49 Google: 2FA will be pushed, because it works
04:50 Jobs: New jobs data from the fed, changes to jobs, and new research around WFH among more
09:40 Ransomware consequences: fuel shortages, police data breach, and no more ransom payments
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13:01 A massive WiFi design flaw exposed
13:36 Broadband investments rollout, plus new data on the actual map
14:48 Colonial Pipeline fallout becomes clear
16:58 What the UK’s cyber experts are saying, and why everyone should care.
19:24 Tech sentiment continues to fall
21:20 The FTC says right to repair is the way to go
22:34 JEDI may be ending with no winners

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