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Labor & skills projections for 2021

And details around labor and staffing.

The US Department of Labor has withdrawn a rule put forth during the Trump Administration designed to make it more difficult to reclassify gig workers as employees.   Among the reasons cited for reversing the rule, the labor department said it was “in tension” with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and would have “undermined” current jurisprudence on gig work in the US.

Forrester has released data showing Enterprise spending on tech staff is set to rise 4.6% in 2021 and another 5.4% next year.  Further quoting CIO Dive, In April 2020, Forrester had forecast spending on CIO staff to decrease, at best, by 1.4% over 2019 numbers. At worst, the firm said spending would shrink by 3.3%. Though the forecast fluctuated throughout 2020 in response to the pandemic, the end result was a forecast 3.6% contraction n CIO staff spending.

Overall tech spending is projected to rise 6% in 2021. Similarly, Forrester expects companies to grow their outsourcing costs by 6% in 2021 and another 6.8% in 2022.

And, in new CompTIA skills data, Seven in 10 HR professionals surveyed who work with IT personnel said they plan a substantially increased effort to help workers re-skill in the coming year, with larger firms reporting a particularly strong emphasis in that area.

Nearly 80 per cent of IT HR professionals employed at such companies rated re-skilling or up-skilling as “more important” for the coming year, in contrast to 68 per cent at medium-sized firms and 52 per cent at smaller businesses.

Of course – they need to work together.  Netskope’s report into CIO’s say half lack collaboration between specialist teams, and there is a disconnect between network and security.

Why do we care?

How’s this for a story.   Staff are hard to find, outsourcing will continue to grow, companies need to ensure they keep investing in the ones they have (cause remember, they’re hard to find), and Forrester got it wrong in their prediction last year.      And the cherry on top, network and security professionals are not great at working together.

Oh, and gig workers… that isn’t necessarily the solution.