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Chromebooks & Tablets & Breaches, oh my!

Let’s take a wander through all the latest market data.

Canalys released first quarter shipment numbers for Chromebooks and tablets.   The worldwide total PC market grew for a fourth straight quarter, with shipments up 53.1% year on year.    Chromebooks specifically were up 274.6% and tablets 51.8%.  

Context says that the revenue growth through distribution in Europe could be up ten percent year on year in Q2, and predicts 8.5% in Q3 and eight in Q4.   Their pessimistic views are 7 percent in Q2, 3 percent in Q3 and 4 percent in Q4.

And, in this, the Ponemon Institute has released a report indicating that 51% of organizations have experienced a data breach caused by a third party.   44% of organizations have experienced a breach within the last 12 months, with 74% saying it was the result of giving too much privileged access to third-parties.    Over half of respondents (51%) say their organizations are not assessing the security and privacy practices of all third-parties before granting them access to sensitive and confidential information.

Why do we care?

I can’t resist combining a little “explosive growth” with “terrifying data problems.”    Now let’s break it down.

I can’t help but highlight how non-traditional devices, like Chromebooks and tablets, are growing faster than traditional desktop PCs, which notably continue to slow.     It’s an expansive view of computing that outperforms.

Now combine that with the added complexity.   A lot of security is about over expansive trust.  Giving too much away, and then not watching that ongoing.

And there’s your opportunity in IT services.