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EU moves on Apple, US on gig workers, and more regulation roundup

And continuing that regulation and government coverage, let’s hit a couple of other recent moves.

The EU has charged Apple with anti-trust violations – the focus being on control of music streaming apps and the requirement to use Apple’s in-app payment system.  

The US Labor Secretary on Thursday indicated that he believes a number of gig workers should be classified as employees and deserve work benefits.    This suggests a shift in policy from the Biden Administration.

The Government Accountability Office released a report last week detailing some of the legacy government systems which are 50 years old and have no updates planned.  Education is running a 46 year old student information system, Health and Human Services a 50 year old clinical and patient administration system, and Treasury a 51 year old system with taxpayer information.     The report highlights the risk of these systems. 

And remember the New York broadband move from just last week?   ISPs are suing to block the law requiring ISPs to sell $15 a month broadband plan.    Governor Cuomo’s reaction – “bring it on.

Why do we care?

I feel like Cuomo is summing up regulators perfectly.  They’re quite happy to take on these battles.       From the EU to the fed to the local level, technology has fallen from grace.   Want a sign of a mature market?   Pushback sure is one of them.

Take comfort the next time you deal with a customer legacy system – it could be worse.