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Kaspersky asks how COVID-19 is impacting sales process

Kaspersky has released a report focused on the impact of COVID-19 on the relationships between customers, vendors, and channel partners.   

The survey found that partners in both Canada and he U.S. agreed that video or phone calls are the best ways to engage existing partners, with 54% answering in the affirmative.

76% of respondents said they will go back to pre-pandemic models for generating sales, including in-person sales meetings, once COVID-19 is on the decline, while 73% of respondents also said they will continue to conduct video calls and meetings once COVID-19 is declining.

44% of respondents said speed of response has become more difficult due to COVID-19 when it comes to working with vendors. Related answers said that the ability to make fast purchasing decisions (42%) and adapting to the fast-changing landscape (40%) were the top problems here.

Why do we care?

I always enjoy stringing together the story.       People like to get a video or phone call, they don’t really know how it will go on the other side of the pandemic so answered yes to everything, and speed of communications are still an issue.

It’s that conflicting “yes” data I’m highlighting.   They don’t know.    That’s the key message.  I’m not reading anything into this other than to dismiss that data.  I’m going further into this on the weekend bonus episode, but the trick is we don’t entirely know.      That’s an opportunity, but don’t assume too much here.