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Virtual meetings impact on the brain

Research you can leverage and teach customers.

Microsoft has done research on back-to-back virtual meetings.  Turns out, yes, it does make you stressed and distracted.    The cure for meeting fatigue, however, is straightforward – take breaks.    Taking breaks between meetings allows the brain to reset, focus, and engage.   

In response, the company added a feature to Outlook to encourage shorter meetings and take breaks, and the default settings on Teams now start meetings five minutes after the hour.

Why do we care?

This is a very specific set of recommendations and a perfect example of what I mean when I talk about business value.   The features Microsoft have added are most effective if users are trained on not only how to use them, but the WHY.   Companies that use the why to build a culture where this is not only accepted but embraced get the benefits.    Changing behavior requires that investment – those that take advantage of that get the benefits of less stressed and more focused employees, but it doesn’t just happen.      

Want to bring that extra value?   Help customers and your own organization leverage this information.   

I absolutely redid my own booking settings to adjust.