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Microsoft’s Cloud PC could be almost here

ZDNet is reporting that Microsoft’s “Cloud PC” may be launching in just a few months – this summer.     The core service, as reported by Mary Jo Foley previously, is “an Azure-powered service that will enable customers to use their own devices as thin clients that can access a remote Windows desktop and use software like Microsoft Office. Microsoft plans to sell Cloud PC as a managed Microsoft 365 experience at a flat per-user price. This is an important difference to existing Windows Virtual Desktop pricing, which revolves around Azure consumption. “

She continues with a highlighting a recent job listing. “(The Cloud PC service) allows all users to be productive from anywhere, on any device with a cloud-powered, secure, and always up to date Windows experience. It also seamlessly allows endpoint managers to instantly provision cloud hosted PCs and manage physical and virtual devices through a unified portal and a fixed and predictable price.”

Why do we care?

I think this is a huge deal for smaller IT services companies.    A flat fee, per user priced desktop in the cloud would be a significant change.   Note the “always up to date” statement in the job listing.   That implies fully managed.

You can’t tell me there aren’t customers for whom this would be their preferred way to run.     Sure, it’s not announced … but it’s looking more likely.    

I talk often about if I was starting an MSP today.  If I was starting today… I’d sell this.