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Network latency – a lesson in business outcomes

Taking us into the weekend with an oddball one – esports.  I promise I’m going somewhere with this.    Overwatch League, having been forced to readjust their physical matches due to the coronavirus into Asia and North America in 2020, has announced a plan to allow teams to compete.  The answer?  North American teams using Hawaii as a location.   

Network latency is a huge factor in esports, and the teams studied undersea cables and used a research tool to test for the optimal 90 millisecond lag.     Hawaii offers no additional visa requirements for US based players, a safe environment for health and safety, and hit the mark for the required latency.

Why do we care?

Network engineering meets business outcomes, that’s what we see here.     The design and execution combines both the technical requirements and couple that with the need of the business.      But listen to the solution – it combined the employee needs around health and safety and travel requirements with the technical ones.

That’s why I highlight it.  The mindset of a good IT services firm versus one just addressing the technology.  

Source: The Verge