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T-Mobile, Best Buy consumer moves to watch

T-Mobile, besides launching their new home internet service, also launched a program to open new retail stores in small U.S. towns, and is adding “Hometown Experts” to towns where it cannot build stores.

Meanwhile, Best Buy is testing a new membership program.   Called Best Buy Beta, it includes unlimited support from Geek     Squad, 24×7 concierge service, and free installation on products and services.     It will also include two-year warranties on products, and is priced at $199 per year.

Why do we care?

Sure, consumer focused moves.    But embedded in there are services that I fully expect micro businesses to be leveraging too.

If you’re in traditional small business focused IT infrastructure, you should be noticing that large national players are eating away at the consumer market, and that is going to naturally include those micro businesses.

Just keep watching, I predict the SMB is next.

Source: Geek Wire

Source: CNBC