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Some labor news, and how that relates to office perks

Some labor news.  Quoting CIO Dive:

The software industry workforce is projected to grow more than 5% in 2021, according to Cyberstates 2021 report, published Wednesday by IT trade group CompTIA. The projected growth in the software space, including software as a service (SaaS) applications, sits atop all other technology categories. By comparison, companies in spaces such as tech manufacturing or telecommunications and internet services will grow workforces by 1% to 2%.

In terms of specific technology occupations, CompTIA expects hiring activity will be “especially strong” in cybersecurity and data science and analytics, which are each expected to grow 4.4%. Software development hiring is expected to grow 3.7%. The base of infrastructure-related IT workforce will amount to almost 1.4 million workers by year’s end.

Meanwhile, in a non-scientific open survey on Blind (with over 3,000 votes so far), 64% of respondents say they would rather keep working from home rather than switching to a new job with a salary $30K higher.

Why do we care?

I’m obviously taken with changes to the work force due to the pandemic.    I maintain that those who navigate this well will have a competitive advantage.

Why couple these?  The demand in these job areas is very high and the need is also growing.   New perks and ways to approach hiring are going to matter to successfully recruit.    If the benefit of being in the office isn’t the draw – and your company culture and perks are focused there – this is a big shift.    The days of the free snacks as a draw are likely over.