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FinTech for MSPs – Professor Stephen Taylor discusses what providers need to know.

What is FinTech? Does it apply to small companies? An interview with Professor Stephen Taylor, a Professor of Finance at New Jersey Institute of Technology, with a background in both technology and finance. He’s been an Analyst and Researcher, as well as consulted with businesses of all sizes.

00:00 Who is Professor Taylor
00:58 What is “Fintech”?
02:22 How does Fintech relate to small companies?
03:23 Is this a category that includes ecommerce and point of sale?
04:19 Are SMBs consumers of FinTech or are they implementing them?
05:34 Whats an example of a small business success story to focus on?
06:49 What are the big risk areas?
07:50 How the current landscape really changed the risk profile?
08:56 What does the next 12 to 24 months bring?
09:52 What regulations are you thinking about?
11:08 What’s your advice to IT infrastructure companies?
13:05 How is it best to work with FinTech companies?
14:15 How can people get in touch?

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