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Google and Amazon return to the office

Google’s accelerating its office reopening, with workers returning in a “limited” capacity in April. And come September, employees will have to formally apply if they want to work remotely for more than 14 days a year. Amazon, meanwhile, said it expects most employees back “by early fall.” 

Amazon has been more explicit – Andy Jassy, incoming CEO, is less keen on remote work, expecting to have an office-centric culture.   “You just don’t riff the same way, so it’s really changed the way that we’ve had to think about how we drive innovation, and how we solicit information from our builders and the types of meetings that we run.”

Why do we care?

Don’t let it be said I’m not exploring opposing views.  I’m certainly biased to remote work.      Amazon, it appears, not so much.    In the cases of the big tech players, I’m not inclined to think this will make a huge difference on their performance.    It’s less competitive advantage and more choice.

The smaller the company, the more I think it can be a competitive advantage.  Its why I’m so interested in the way the return to the office happens.  My bet is that most companies are some hybrid.. even Amazon.