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Big tech starts to reopen

I continue to believe there’s knowledge and need to explore the changes in the office dynamic, so here’s some updates.   As previously reported, Microsoft has reopened their Redmond HQ.  Uber is open at 20% capacity. Salesforce is very close to reopening their offices.   SAP is opening soon, and Facebook says 10% capacity on May 10.

San Francisco in general can open at 25% capacity.  

That said, not everything will be back in person – Apple Announced that WWDC 21 will be all virtual again this year. 

Why do we care?

The big companies are going to lead the way again like they did in the shutdown – so we’re watching for some guidance.   The lessons in particular on hybrid work are top priority.

Note how office reopenings are different from events.   That’s the reason I pulled the WWDC news here.

The beginning of the next phase more than the end of something is the way I’m viewing it. 

Source: Axios

Source: Thurrott