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Slack lets you DM across companies

Slack is now letting users direct message each other.    Slack Connect DMs allows users to privately message employees outside of their company.       This is available today for paid users, and will be rolled out to all teams, including free users, soon.     The intention is to work with your customers and partners more easily across slack groups.     Beyond that, users and companies can create private business networks.  

Of note, each company controls its own privacy rules and data retention, as each company controls its own messages.   A shared channel is actually two separately owned spaces glued together – either side’s admins can control their messages without touching the other side.

Why do we care?

So, I have an affinity for Slack over Teams, and it comes down to being on my own.   Teams is pretty awkward for those not inside an organization, says someone not on the inside of any organization.   That’s a sample set of one for sure.

A “interconnected network” of companies where each can control their data yet dynamically connect is a pretty great promise.     I’ve been making arguments that the value of IT services is at this business layer, and you can see all the work here.  Applying those rules and policies, moving data into the systems, enabling and configuring and using the various connected apps… all useful services offerings that customers will want and need.

We’re interested in what’s happening at this layer of products for that reason.

Source: The Verge

Source: Slack