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Google and Microsoft team up for a better web

A new alliance with Google and Microsoft, joining with companies like Igalia and the “broader web community”.  Why?   To improve compatibility across web browsers.   Called Compat2021, the focus is on.   CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS sticky positioning, the CSS aspect-ratio property, and CSS Transforms.

CSS Flexbox is a very widely used feature, but it can cause images to be stretched incorrectly in different browsers. It was chosen because it’s a top issue in the MDN Browser Compatibility Report for 2020, in addition to being the most widely used and known feature in the State of CSS report. Currently, 85% of browsers pass the test for the feature, and it appears in 75% of page loads on Chrome.

The effort comes after a period of research, including surveys conducted by the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN). Other sources of information, such as the State of CSS and State of JS surveys, the most searched features on CanIUse, and test results from web-platform-tests all played a role in determining the areas of focus for this effort.

Why do we care?

For all the promise of the open web, we still struggle with this cross compatibility.     I’d like to see this actually delivered on for sure.

Hidden here is the fact that Google and Microsoft are actually using the same core Chrome codebase for their browsers.  It’s pretty easy for them to align because of that.   We need Mozilla and Apple to play ball too.     

So, we care because we want it, and we’re skeptical here because not all the players are at the table.

Source: Neowin