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Zoom’s platform play continues to emerge

Zoom has expanded their partner program and launched an SDK.   The SDK allows Zoom video services to be embedded inside other applications.   Quoting Tech Crunch:

The company envisions applications developers embedding video in social, gaming or retail applications, where including video could enhance the user experience. For example, a shop owner could show different outfits to an online shopper in a live video feed and discuss their tastes in real time.

Meanwhile, the company has expanded its Global Channel Partner and Referral Partner program, allowing for increased revenue on deals with their phone systems, and a simplified commission structure.   

Why do we care?

The platform play.    Zoom really is pushing to be a platform for video, and letting people build businesses on top of that.    My theory remains that service providers up in the business layer are the future.   I can easily see services companies deploying and creating these applications as outlined in the example.    

When Zoom describes what a developer can do, what they are leaving out is the selling of that solution to that shop owner.   That’s where the service provider comes in to understand the business and apply technology.  And its why we care.