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The reopening has begun – Microsoft starts

Microsoft has begun reopening their headquarters.   March 29 is the limited reopening of their offices in Redmond and Seattle.     The company has outlined a six stage reopening plan, of which this is stage four.  

According to data from Kastle Systems — which operates security for thousands of buildings across the country — office occupancy is at just 25% in 10 major cities across the country for the week of March 15.   The differences are due to coronavirus response measures, with Houston, Dallas and Austin with the highest occupancy levels, while San Francisco and New York report the lowest.

So.. should you?   Per a 2015 study of a workplace in China, teleworkers were 13% more productive… and half as likely to get promoted.  

Why do we care?

Unlike the rush to work from home, the move back to the office will happen at different paces on different timetables.     The more important question is posed by the Axios article I pulled that study from – Should you?

This will be the key question for employers and employees, and it’s the reason we care.    Those addressing the “should” or “why” of returning to the office… which will be including more hybrid employees, will be the top performers.  It’s one thing to make sure the tech works.  It’s the more valuable service to ensure it’s working well. 

Source: The Verge

Source: Axios, Axios