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Facebook’s Partner Program

Turning attention to a channel story – Facebook is reworking it’s Workplace One Partner Program.

Quoting Computer Weekly:   Facebook is reaching out to channel firms that want to resell or build services on Workplace, offering resources and information, and signaling that the expanding market means there are growth opportunities for those that get involved.

The platform is used by about five million customers for online collaboration and communication tools.  

Why do we care?

Did you know Facebook had a partner program?  Or a business platform?  

The only reason I care is because of the business layer discussion.  I’ve talked about Salesforce, or Zoom, or Microsoft as the business layer to do consulting on.   I would be remiss if I didn’t point out Facebook wants a piece of this. 

Would I build a business on Facebook?   Nope.    I have just too many concerns about the way their algorithms work.    That said, five million customers is no small number.   It IS an option, even if it’s one I wouldn’t use.

Source: Computer Weekly