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Amazon expands its healthcare offerings

Amazon is coming for healthcare.    The company announced that their Amazon Care health program will be available to other companies, as well as their employees outside Washington State.  

The platform includes virtual meetings with doctors through the app, and in-person care at home.  It can dispatch nurses too, for in-home blood draws or vaccine administration.       The company has its own online pharmacy already as well.  

Why do we care?

Healthcare is ripe for disruption… which is intensely obvious and me not taking any risks at all.

Big speculation here – how much more services can Amazon consume for small and midsized businesses with this.      As a small business owner myself, I feel the pain of dealing with health insurance in the US.     That’s one piece.      But stretching beyond.. why just health care?   How many more services can Amazon deliver?   

Or are they already doing with some of their marketplace moves?     That’s my why today.