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Data and analytics go mainstream, says Gartner

A bit more Gartner insight today –their new Top 10 Trends in Data and Analytics 2021 report is out.   Data and analytics will morph into a core business function this year.    The analyst views it as a shared business asset connected to business results, and will break down those data silos.

Why do we care?

This kind of report cane make me smile – let’s rephrase that.  This technology will actually become part of the business rather than something off to the side.      We should be a little self aware sometimes – myself included – about speaking in babble.    

This should be viewed as as success – if a technology is just a business function, it’s mainstream.    We’ve been at this discussion log enough around data and analytics.     Now customers expect it.  That’s good… and a higher bar for some.  

Source: CIO Dive