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Microsoft and Google clash, and tech suffers

While we’re talking some big tech companies, here’s a couple of items.

Microsoft and Google are trading barbs in the media in multiple channels.      Microsoft slammed Google in House testimony, citing Google 75 times in the written statement.     Google fired back .. including claiming this was all to distract from the SolarWinds attacks.      In another avenue, Google slammed Microsoft for their moves in Australia, after Microsoft supported very publicly the new law around publishers and is calling for similar regulation in Europe.    Google calls it “breaking the way the open web works.”

On the security front, Microsoft is now warning about a “new family of ransomware”, which builds upon the Exchange Server attack.     As of last week, there were 14,000 companies still unpatched. 

Speaking of the Exchange attack… Microsoft is investigating if those hackers got information from private disclosures with security partners.  Meaning.. it could be an inside job.    Either inadvertently, or on purpose.     And from a Microsoft partner.  

Why do we care?

Everyone all gets along when things are going well.  The claws come out when the competition heats up.  As we noted in the earlier story, the techlash is real.   And so, the arguments get much more heated.

We care because it isn’t helping.  If getting all very, very messy, technology services companies had better be watching their own image.    Sure, it might seem distant, but your local ties to the community are going to matter now.     Be forewarned – this is going to get worse before it gets better.

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