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JEDI: Will time run out on the contract?

Let’s update on that JEDI contract – it’s been a while.   Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft might lose the deal.  Why?   The contract delays.    The Defense Department has said it will reconsider the procurement if a federal judge doesn’t dismiss Amazon’s case.     The Pentagon has said it would take too long to defend the decision, and might just stop.

Why do we care?

Besides the fact I really enjoy watching this drama?    It’s the new legal perception.  You don’t have to WIN your case, you just have to make it painful enough that you can’t wait.    This has gone on long enough.. is it faster to just start over?  

I wanted to highlight the danger of this being a norm.   When we talk about legal troubles being not necessarily about who wins the case.. well, here’s a great example.  

Source: Bloomberg