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Google’s ad changes, and why you care

I debated this story for the show, and decided to go with it.  Google announced this week that it will not be working on building new tools to track users around the Web.    Apple had previously moved against this technology, and Google is now positioning as pushing towards privacy.     This is that third-party cookies technology that’s being phased out, and which Facebook is pushing back on.

The flip side?  They have enough data to do it themselves, and this could force others into using their advertising mechanisms.      Oh, and don’t forget… Android isn’t part of this.    That OS still provides advertisers with a personalized ID for each user.

Why do we care?

For most – and probably all – small and midsized companies, Google and Facebook ads are your number one and number two options for online advertising, and everyone else is a distant third and beyond.   You’re stuck with them.

This doesn’t feel like privacy, it feels more like lock in.  They have enough data to do it themselves.   

So we care as the advisors to those small companies about the way data is being used.    You’re tracking it to have smart conversations about data.

Source: The Washington Post