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Two perspectives on Zoom as a platform

While I’m harping on this space, Zoom reported massive earnings in their earnings call.  That’s not the focus, however.  Instead, Business Insider is focused on the startup ecosystem around the company.    With 300 million users, that’s a base to build a platform around.  There is startup money here, including investments from private equity.  

And Bloomberg is highlighting how there is a new executive perk – working from home.    Recruiters are reporting most recruiting happening full time, even after the pandemic, and how hiring practices are already changing.

And of note – both articles cite all the same software packages as making this possible.

Why do we care?

It’s that cross link I wanted to start with.   It’s the same eco system of products being referenced.  I’ve highlighted how you can build a business entirely around one of these platforms.  Zoom, Teams, or Salesforce.   What’s common here is the same theme Microsoft was pushing into. 

The business productivity layer.

This isn’t a “it’s going to change”.  It’s already done it.     This isn’t a future state.  It’s a now state.   

Source: Business Insider

Source: Bloomberg