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Unions and privacy laws have updates

Let’s call this the followup section, as these are updates to stories I covered before.

The Medium Workers Union is pausing their organizing efforts.  They didn’t win the simple majority needed last week… by just one vote.     They are focusing on more organizing before any next steps.     

Virginia passed the Consumer Data Protection Act, which makes it the second state to enact a data privacy law in the US.   The law is considered more industry friendly than California’s.   It takes effect Jan 1, 2023, and allows Virginia residents to opt-out of their data being collected and sold.   Residents can also see what data companies have collected about them, and correct or delete it.

Why do we care?

Two steps forward, one back for those union efforts.  Doesn’t mean they won’t happen.   We’ll keep tracking that.

As we move onto the second data privacy law.  Three will make a full on trend in the US.  I think it’s safe to include, you know, the rest of the world and call this a trend.    It gives me pause – how much of a small provider’s time needs to be spent on keeping up with the legal issues?    And shouldn’t that be factored into your service offerings?  

That’s not a fully formed thought, and another today worth exploring.  

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