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TechAisle says hybrid cloud will explode

TechAisle thinks that hybrid cloud adoption will explode.  Why?   Rapid adoption already, and with automation round the corner, it will offer more insight for SMB customers.

Quoting the analysis: “Techaisle data shows that 34% of midmarket cloud workload is on hybrid cloud, 31% of midmarket firms are using advanced hybrid infrastructure with automated links between platforms. In 2021, the percentage is likely to increase by 45%. Techaisle expects hybrid momentum in the SMB market to grow in 2021 and beyond, with a 5X increase potential in the small business segment. “

The analyst warns that the smaller the customer, the more reliance on public cloud services may be more straightforward due to management challenges.    Midmarket companies have deployed cloud-based apps across an average of 14 categories, with expansion by an average of 8.3, while those small businesses are at an average of 6.8 – but with bolder plans.  

Why do we care?

Cloud is a thing is such a cliché I’m not going to spend time there.    I care about two things today.  First, I think there’s a spectrum to measure here – size versus reliance on public cloud and SaaS.     The smaller you are, the more you’re going to think about just going SaaS.   The other dimension there is age of the business.  The newer, and with less legacy, the more you’re going SaaS faster.   Measurements to think about.

The second is just the total over rotation of most providers serving the SMB thinking about managing endpoints versus managing cloud and SaaS.  If you’ve noticed my interest in this space via my interviews, that’s why.    Endpoint management feels like easy, covered space.    This area… more wide open.  And thus way more interesting, and lucrative for everyone.

Source: TechAisle