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An increasing reliance on IT service providers?

I didn’t start with this… because it’s from January and I didn’t spot it!    I didn’t cover it, so let’s revisit.

Syntax, a multi-cloud and multi-ERP managed cloud provider with some IT services data.  Quoting liberally from the release.

  • 83% of IT leaders with in-house security teams are now considering outsourcing their security efforts to an MSP in 2021.
  • In 2020, 77% of IT leaders reported more frequent cyberattacks. However, many teams were ill-equipped to handle this increase in attacks, as 79% had to reduce their teams’ headcounts in response to the economic downturn.
  • 91% of respondents either employed their own security operations center (SOC) or in-house security talent. However, of the IT leaders with in-house security teams that are now considering outsourcing to an MSP, 45% cited a lack of strategic counsel from existing tools.
  • More than half (56%) of IT leaders said they will allocate more than 40% of their IT budgets to cybersecurity in 2021. Additionally, 37% listed “improving cybersecurity protections” as their top IT investment this year.
  • Although decision-makers ranked security as the No. 1 most challenging aspect of the cloud, it didn’t register in the top cloud investments in 2021. Instead, factors tied to business continuity, like increased storage and/or flexibility (62%), multi-cloud and/or hybrid cloud capabilities (48%) and system maintenance (47%), took precedence, pointing to a particularly dangerous emerging trend — IT leaders may be confusing business continuity & disaster recovery (BC/DR) with actual cybersecurity.

Why do we care?

Picking up from last segment here, the security problem is complex so in house providers are looking for help.      Cost cutting has made that harder, and while many organizations have in-house help… it’s strategy they need help with.      

And, they have a cloud blind spot.     This is the sets of lessons I took from this data, and the simplification is what makes it interesting to me.    Be strategic, come in with the high value stuff, and you win. 

Source: Press Release