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All of the market data, which paints a picture when assembled

Starting out week with a potpourri of market data.  Let’s wander.

Forrester released data on sales in the channel – the biggest obstacles for channel executives are overcoming shortening product lifecycles (53%) and lack of appreciation for quality sales data (52%).  

On hiring, CompTIA’s survey of executives found 62%ranked soft skills such as relationship building, persuasion, integrity and confidence with equal importance to hard technical skills when it came to hiring for their tech workforce.”

Also on hiring, Robert Half’s 2021 Salary guide is out.     Link in the show notes.  

Now, let’s flip.   McKinsey has some data about the future of work.    45 Million US workers will be displaced by automation by the end of the decade, which is up from 37 million projected before the pandemic.    Those soft skills workers – more valued, as nearly all the net job growth over the next decade happens in high-wage occupations.  

How about security?    Bit of market data out of Canada from IBM – ransomware is 60% of attacks in the great white north.    Retail led the way with 41%, then finance and insurance.  Healthcare was only 6.6% of attacks, but that’s double from last year.

Or, e-commerce?  It’s spiked, representing 16.1% of retail after a significant 2020 surge – and here’s the big number, since 1999 when tracking began, it’s up nearly 5,000%. 

Why do we care?

Well, we care to take this data and string it together.   Let’s start.

Things are going more digital, which we knew, and the pandemic made it faster.  That’s the ecommerce data.   It’s a high value target, particularly in retail.  That’s the security data.    Work is becoming more automated, and it’s going to displace a lot more people than we thought.   So called “Soft skills” are more in demand, and managing the faster moving technology is going to be key.

That makes a whole lot more sense, doesn’t it?    I could go on and on about provider value, but I have another segment to get to that in….