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Microsoft’s new industry specific clouds

Microsoft announced several new cloud offerings specifically for industry verticals.    The company is focusing on financial services, manufacturing, and non-profits as new offerings, and update its healthcare cloud in April and preview a retail offering in March.

As the piece from CIO Dive highlights, AWS, Google, IBM and several others also have per-sector clouds as well. 

There’s a quote from the global leader of industry solutions at Google Cloud in this article that struck me.  “”We want to definitely be a cloud provider, but we want to be a business solutions provider as well. We don’t want to be an IT provider from infrastructure. We want to be able to really help our customers move forward.”

Here’s the other quote from Microsoft from the blog:   “We work with industry-leading independent software vendors and system integrators to ensure our customers have the solutions they need to address their business challenges.“

Why do we care?

Notably absent from the Microsoft quote is IT service providers… because they aren’t necessary in this model.    Couple that with the Google approach – we want to be the business solutions provider as well.      

This isn’t meant to be a gloomy episode. It’s instead to focus on where the opportunity really is, which is in the business layer.    If you aren’t playing in the business layer for your customers, you’re going to be washed away.    I’m not saying this happens instantly, or today, or even tomorrow.    Then again… you don’t see the change in the water on a Tsumani either until it sweeps you away.

Source: CIO Dive