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How customers buy, how help desks work, and exec investment

TechAisle with new data on the shift to business outcome based, customer success driven pricing.

  • In 2017, 11% of small businesses and 14% of midmarket preferred the model.
  • In 2021, that’s doubled – 22% and 28%.

How about opinions of managed services pricing?  

SMBs prefer transitioning to a company-wide, fixed recurring fee to take uncertainty out of the picture, versus per-device or per-user.

  • 29% of SMBs prefer incentive pricing tied to performance levels guaranteed by the provider.
  • 78% want to work with suppliers who “can connect business challenges with technology and design, architect, deploy and manage technology solutions that deliver business outcomes.”  

Oh,.. and only 9% are helping customers drive innovation.

So let’s compare against new CompTIA data around Help Desk trends.

It’s a split in their survey set – 46% are using both internal and external resources, 49% exclusively internal, and only 5% exclusively using external.     Those helpdesks are using chat software in 52% of cases, and the overwhelming use case for Artificial Intelligence is classifying or routing requests.

The number one metric for effectiveness – Customer satisfaction.  

Finally, tying this together – two-thirds of senior execs plan to increase investment in automation and AI, per a McKinsey study.   About 20 to 25% of the workforce in advanced economies could work from home between three to five days a week, and the study believes 70^ of time in the computer-based office work area could be spent working remotely without losing effectiveness.

Why do we care?

I’m pulling together several sources here for a complete picture.    Let’s tell that story.  Customers are increasingly measuring success by business outcomes.   They aren’t keen on per-user or per-device pricing.  They aren’t getting a lot on the innovation front.     95% of this sample group have internal resources, which they are generally happy with, with many using AI and chatbots successfully to serve customers.   And the landscape for support they will be supporting is changing fast to heavily distributed.

Let’s challenge an idea – how viable IS the fully outsourced IT operation when IT becomes a core requirement.    

I’m not saying managed services is dead – instead, long live managed services, where components or parts are done in conjunction with the internal resources, and everything is measured by the business outcome.  

The trend is back into business consultants – moving into the business layer to drive those outcomes.    And we see it here in all the data.  

Source: TechAisle

Source: CompTIA

Source: CIO Dive