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The work from home story didn’t end with Spotify

And a bit more here…

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on companies pushing back openings until September and beyond, and so Axios looked at some companies in the screening space.  PwC’s CheckIn is a system to screen workers before they come into the office, and KloudSpot has a tool to help assess readiness to reopen… and a system to trigger alerts in the case of PPE violations and overcapacity.

The New York Times has a piece on the rush to make virtual meetings better – tools like Gather, Kumospace and Hopin that are designed to make virtual spaces better, or TeamFlow and Branch to build virtual offices. 

Nintex has their workspace study – 67% of workers are saying they are more productive at home.    44% of owners, execs and C-levels say remote team collaboration is more efficient, but only 11% of senior management say that.     Oh, and stress is up – 61% of tech workers and 63% of C-level say so.  

Why do we care?

I broke this up to build out the story a bit.    On one hand you have companies like Spotify that have built a move forward plan.  On the other, you have companies just kicking the can down the street.    Which do you think ends up easier to execute a plan against?

There are entire companies with technologies springing up to address the digital-parity opportunity.    I have no idea which will win, but I’m not going to wait around for them to figure out a reseller or channel strategy to look at them.     Particularly not when so many businesses will just buy electronically anyway.

Because that last set of data is telling me we’re not going back to the old ways, just finding new ways to fill in the gaps.

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