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Data from secret shopping technology

Some data out from Alinea Partners, a secret shopping group with an emphasis on technology companies.  Here’s what they reported, 

“Since the start of the COVID-19 restrictions, we’ve seen a drop in customer interaction services in companies we’ve secret shopped (+450 globally). The results are shocking.

We’ll paint the (not so pretty) picture:

❌ 64% don’t reply on e-mail-based sales enquiries
➡️ Compared to 26% pre-COVID

❌ 50% don’t reply on webform-based sales enquiries
➡️ Compared to 46% pre-COVID

❌ 43% of phone sales enquiries don’t connect with a sales rep
➡️ Compared to 15% pre-COVID

Plus, 59% of the companies are not offering Online Chat for customer interaction.”

Why do we care?

I’ll tease my weekend editorial here around marketing and e-commerce, so watch for that.  

This is a huge buying shift that happened really fast.   Email and phone sales are approaching useless based on this data, so you had better be thinking about the way you engage your services.    

Watch for the longer piece this weekend… but start thinking… can you buy from your website?    Is it an automated sales tool? 

Source: LinkedIn