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Spotify announces their work from home plan

Spotify is letting employees work anywhere – and are funding co-working space memberships for employees who choose to work remotely but want a dedicated workspace.

Three major trends could appear in virtual, per Gartner’s digital workplace analyst.  Virtual collaboration, virtual office, and virtual events.     The collaboration tools emulate physical items – think whiteboards or sticky notes.  Virtual office is about ways to create the space via AR or VR, and events is about recreating the in-person events for and equal experience both physically and virtually.

CIO Dive specifically cites the new tasks on the IT support teams – more digital tools means more troubleshooting AND requires more insight into the end user experience.

Why do we care?

That complexity should drive up margins and profitability.   At the same time, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.     The glaring “item to work on” is clearly building out an offering that addresses building a digital parity based work environment.  That had better include business process consulting and training, based on everything we’ve learned.  

Source: CNBC

Source: CIO Dive