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State law roundup – IT services companies care

Not broadband… but like that California net neutrality law, this is about state laws.

In Maryland, the legislature is expected to override the governor’s veto and implement a tax of up to 10% on digital advertising.    This is the first of its kind in the US, but resembles taxes passed in the EU.  

In North Dakota, there’s a new bill designed to force Apple to let developers go around the App Store.   While also applying to Google, it requires apple to allow devs to install apps directly, and blocks Apple from making those devs use its payment system exclusively.  

In Virginia, a new digital privacy law is set to pass, making it the second state with a data privacy law.     North Dakota, Nebraska, and Florida are floating various laws around social media and privacy as well, as are Washington State, Utah, Oklahoma, and New York.

Why do we care?

If you think government gridlock is the norm… here’s evidence you are wrong.   The prediction for 2021 is the year of regulation on tech, and it’s happening, and happening fast.  

It’s always been important to understand local laws to operate a business.  Now, in 2021, to operate an IT services business… you have to know what’s coming as well.  

Source: Axios