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More data that COVID tracing apps work

I’ve covered the COVID tracing apps before.    I’m a big proponent, and maintain that IT services companies should be actively promoting them.

There is now data saying they work.  Researchers in the UK have calculated that the app by the National Health Service may have prevented around 600,000 cases.   By modeling 1.5 million notifications, the analysis showed each person who tested positive and used the app to alert out others sent an average of 4.4 notifications, and without this, there would have been 200,000 to 900,000 more cases.

Why do we care?

This is the most comprehensive data analysis yet, and it shows this WORK.  

I’ve created videos on my YouTube channel about this, and one you can use with your customers.   A reminder, you can make a difference here.

It also shows how data analysis can make a huge difference.  There’s a new study this week from Mount Sinai showing that wearables – and specifically the Apple Watch – can be used with apps to identify the disease up to a week before PCR-based nasal swab tests.

If you ever wonder about data being used for business outcomes… here it is.

Source: MIT Technology Review

Source: Tech Crunch