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And where will all the jobs go?

So, it’s harder to hire people… but once you do, where will they go?   Salesforce has told it’s employees they get to choose.   

On Tuesday, the company issued guidance in “Work from Anywhere” form.    They are offering three options.  Flex, fully remote, and office based.      Flex involves reporting to the office anywhere from one to three days each week for work that’s harder to do remote, like presentations, collaboration, and customer meetings.       It intends to keep remote for those who don’t live near one of their offices, or don’t need to be in an office.

The company also said most of it’s employees will have that flex schedule.

Their belief – the 9 to 5 is dead.

Why do we care?

If you think this sounds like Dropbox’s Virtual First, you’re not wrong.

While I wish the 9-to-5 was dead, the sentiment is true.     I think the picture is pretty clear what the other side looks like – a bit of everything.     The office isn’t about the walls or the snacks, it’s about using tools to collaborate.  Sometimes those tools are tables and chairs, and sometimes they are video conferencing and workflow systems.

9 to 5 is arbitrary – and anyone who works across timezones also knows its not static either.    This is NOT a tech story alone – culture changes will make this work, or not, in each organization.   The takeaway is that if IT isn’t at the table, it won’t work well.

Source: Business Insider

Source: Dropbox