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Remote work starts thinking hybrid work

Let’s talk about hybrid work, based on some thinking from Protocol.   Remote work… it’s here, but it’s far easier than hybrid.  Think about a meeting where half the room is physically together, and the other half is on the phone.    Zoom and Poly both have built software that isolates individual people and puts them into their own boxes for remote meeting – making everyone equal – and Poly is launching new cameras and soundbars for home offices to ensure remote workers are not second class citizens.  Both companies believe hybrid offices are going to be big business.   Quoting the newsletter “Poly is working with IT managers and procurement teams to help them build WFH kits for employees who are outfitting their home offices”

The article also notes the launch of the company TeamFlow, doing this type of hybrid office space.

Why do we care?

Hybrid work models are going to be big business for sure.  Those delivering “digital parity”, where those physical and virtual are having the same level of engagement and access to information, are the prime targets.

I’m not saying this is easy – we’re not entirely sure what that looks like.   I still think there is a ramp here.    These companies may put out products, but it will take providers to make them work for customers.

I’m studying this space.  I think we all should.

Source: Protocol