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More MacOS data points

Remember how I talked about macOS penetration being up?   That was last weeks big data set, with IDC saying it’s now 23% of enterprises.

Microsoft has now announced their Defender for Endpoint is now available for macOS.  

But also, that recent root-giving sudo bug…. That’s also on MacOS.   If you didn’t see that, there is a bug in sudo that lets attackers with local access get root access.    Initially, this was believed to be just Linux and BSD.  Turns out, it’s bigger.    The bug requires an attacker to gain access to a system.

Why do we care?

The introduction of macOS to the bug made it hit my threshold for interest, particularly because of the data I reported on last week about macOS. They are in a lot more places than they were just a year ago.   Forrester even has data saying it’s more than what we reported last week, at 28.5% of enterprise, up from 15.3% in 2019.  

This platform is the SAME now as any other, and you should not be treating it as second class.  If you’re in the infrastructure business, Macs are not an afterthought.     Do not treat them as such.

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